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Admin Alert - Import Certifications dated Aug 15 onwards not displaying on the Member App and on the LMS transcript. The issue has been fixed. The LMS transcripts are now updated and will reflect the changes on the app tomorrow (Sept 22).

The new HELP area is now live! Check the Frequently Asked Questions or the available videos/simulations.

COR 1004S Basic Mathematics and Measurements (Student Access) - Issue: Course does not track. It is jumps to question 23 and error with an unanswered question. Status: Fixed

New FLR Courses - We are now offering online NWFA courses - FLR 4503 Installation Safety (NWFA)*, FLR 4504 Evaluating the Jobsite (NWFA)*, FLR 4505 Subfloors (NWFA)*, FLR 4506 Forest to Floor (NWFA)*, FLR 4507 Wood Moisture Testing (NWFA)*, FLR 4508 Concrete Moisture Testing (NWFA)*, FLR 4509 Layout (NWFA)*, FLR 4510 Nail Down Installation (NWFA)*, FLR 4511 Glue-Down Installation (NWFA)*, FLR 4512 Floating Installation (NWFA)*, FLR 4513 Board Replacement (NWFA)*, and FLR 4514 Patterned Floor Layout (NWFA)*.

Revised CAS Curriculum - The following courses have been updated: CAS 2000 Health and Safety, CAS 2200 Introduction to Corrosion, CAS 2300 Introduction to Surface Preparation, CAS 2301 Ambient Conditions, CAS 2302 Nozzle Blasting, CAS 2303 Abrasives, CAS 2304 Portable Wheel Blast, CAS 2400 Introduction to Spray Application, CAS 2402 Conventional Spray, CAS 2403 Airless Spray System, CAS 2404 Air-Assisted Spray, CAS 2500 Composition and Types, and CAS 2702 Inspections and Corrective Action

Revised GLZ Curriculum - The following courses have been updated: GLZ 5001 Safety Glazing Codes, GLZ 5002 Shop Machinery Safety, GLZ 5004 Cold Weather Practices, GLZ 5101 Hand Tools for the Glazier, GLZ 5104 Transit and Leveling Instruments, GLZ 5200 Sealants and Compatibility, GLZ 5400 Entrances and Related Hardware, GLZ 5403 Curtain Wall Systems, GLZ 5405 Structural Glazing, GLZ 5407 Spandrel and Architectural Panel Systems, GLZ 5412 Aluminum Entrances, GLZ 5415 Panic Hardware, GLZ 5600 Skylights and Sloped Glazing, GLZ 5300 Architectural Drawings, and GLZ 5302 Basics of Sketching.

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FTI Learning Management Systems (LMS)
The FTI LMS website is an online learning portal and a secure web-based software program for the administration, documentation, tracking, and reporting of training programs, classroom and online events, e-learning programs, and training content. The FTI LMS is an accessible way of providing apprenticeship training course materials to IUPAT members.

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2018 Training Calendar
Are you an instructor/coordinator and interested in attending training at iFTI (Hanover, MD)? Your Director of Training (DOT) needs to email FTIInternational@iupat.org and provide the course name along with your full name, preferred training date, member id, and email address. For quick processing, the email subject should be Course Registration.

Important reminders:
  • Open course enrollment will close due to high registrations or within 3-4 weeks prior to the beginning date.
  • Final confirmation emails are sent 3-4 weeks before the training.
  • Please coordinate with your ATR for "By Invitation" courses.
  • Click the links to view the descriptions of the FTI courses.
View FTI International's printable training calendar (updated as of 08.15.18)
Can't find your preferred iFTI course or training date? Submit a Course Request. Under comments, specify the preferred training date and list of participants (minimum of 5).



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eLearning Updates

Best Practices for Painting Ceilings Master Painters Institute - Professional Coatings Insider Read More...

FTI MISSION STATEMENT: To serve and advance the finishing trades industries through the development and dissemination of educational resources, training, and related services that help affiliates to administer, promote and sustain industry-driven programs that support a culture of lifelong learning for professionals in the finishing trades industries.


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